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A Philosophy of Great Summer Camp Food

The whole scene is so great at Ballibay... The food was amazing: I think if I was a tree, my growth ring for those 2 weeks would be much bigger, not that I gained any wieght, but I feel so well nourished.

Maya de Silva Chafe, visiting artist & camp mom - NY, NY. Read more of Maya's comments on the camp food.


I recommend this camp with all my soul and heart and stomach (cause the food is great :)

Sarah, 3rd year camper and CIT; on the right in the video below - Brightwaters, NY.

At the Ballibay Camps we believe in real food. We cook as much as possible from scratch and source our ingredients from the wonderful farms and local companies that surround us in the bountiful Endless Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. We also grow a meaningful portion of our produce from our own garden tended by campers and staff, on sun-drenched terraces right outside our dining hall. We know where the food we feed our campers and staff comes from, every step of the way.


Our kitchen emphasizes local and sustainable produce, grass-fed meats, and free range poultry. Local providers include Hails Family Farm (The same Hails' Farm that Brooklyn familes will see at the Park Slope Food Coop or Bklyn Larder!), Red House Bakery, LeRysville Cheese Factory, Hawley Farms, and the farms of Endless Mountains Farm Fresh Cooperative (including Woodhouse Station Farm, The Funny Farm, Chaos Acres, Turtle Mountain Farm, and others). Our foods are hormone and antibiotic free, and contain no hydrogenated oils or trans-fats.


We hire top chefs with excellent training and experience to provide a seasonal yet diverse and international menu. By cooking from scratch, our chefs can tailor the menu to fit your child’s dietary needs. We accommodate all types of food allergies and related restrictions. Please feel free to contact our office and we can put you in touch with one of the chefs to discuss our menu and recipes.


Through the journey of growing food and cooking together, our staff and campers support their community and healthy relationships that last a lifetime.

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